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Holy Bible Concordance Version 2

Holy Bible concordance Version 2 is a software application that makes it easy to search the bible scriptures and cross reference with other bibles. (View Tips). Open the Manual for more detail information.
  • Simple and Advance bible searches.
  • Talk to your Bible.
  • Write and Save your own Notes, interface with Microsoft Word.
  • Export and Import Microsoft Word Documents.
  • Compatible with Win 95, 98, 2000, XP, ME, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. A free Adobe Reader is also required as an added advantage. The application still runs without Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader.
  • The Bible Concordance that uses Six bibles, including the Afrikaans bible.
  • All Bibles can be used in parallel for bible cross references.
  • The end of the traditional bible concordance that is limited to a certain keywords.

Download the Bible Concordance Version 2 first. Download the individual Datarizer Bibles which are compatible with Holy Bible Concordance Version 2. The Datarizer Bibles are Add-ons. You can add them once the Bible Concordance is up and running. The King James Version is the default bible and is already included in the Bible Concordance software. All the six bibles are free and can be used in parallel with version 2. I recommend that you download all the Datarizer Bibles. The Afrikaans Bible (Die Bybel) is also available for download. This software is given to all free of charge.

Bible Concordance

Download Setup (18.5MB)

( 740)

Download zip file (14.2MB)

( 444)

Amplified Bible

Download file ( 12.6MB)

( 495)

Download zip file (2.3MB)

( 431)

Die Bybel

Download file ( 11.5MB)

( 332)

  Download zip file (2.0MB)

( 358)


Download file ( 10.7MB)

( 307)

Download zip file (1.9MB)

( 357)


Download file ( 11.3MB)

( 320)

Download zip file (1.9MB)

( 324)

The Message

Download file ( 10.9MB)

( 266)

Download zip file (2.1MB)

( 312)

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If you would like to donate any amount to improve this free software, please donate here. Please use your PSN Number as your Registration Number for reference purposes and Item Name as "Donate HBCV2". God bless you.

  1. Keep the keyboard Control button down and roll the Mouse wheel to increase or decrease the font size. Do this in Quick View tab and in Notes.
  2. To clear Quick View, clear first the Custom View and then click the Transfer (C->Q) toolbar button. All scriptures in Quick View will be cleared.
  3. The Notes window is compatible with most formats which are compatible with Microsoft word. Add pictures, drawing etc to your scriptures.
  4. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, download it from within by clicking Help toolbar button and click Download Adobe Reader button. Make sure you are online. Or click here.

Holy Bible Concordance Version 3
Holy Bible Concordance version 3 development has been completed and it is AVAILABLE immediately. Get more information on Version 3.

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