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Welcome to Datarizer website

Datarizer is a small company specialising in developing small compact Databases.

Datarizer software products:-

1. Holy Bible Concordance Version 2, including six bibles:

A computer application that searches the bible scriptures. Get bible reference scriptures across various bibles. Afrikaans bible is included.    DOWNLOAD NOW

2. Datarizer Document Management System Version 1 (DDMS)
(development phase)

A system that manages any computer documents for common storage and easy retrieval. Documents include the internet pages. Corporate hierarchy added for sensitive documents. The system monitors expiring documents to prompt the administrator to delete or review.

3. Action Database Version 0 (AD Zero) (development phase)

A paperless system to manage actions in a corporate environment. Action approval, re-routing and closing out of actions. DDMS functionality included to manage documents that are linked to actions. Action history captures as actions are executed.