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Corrective Action Management System (CAMS)

This use-friendly application was designed to be used in a multi-user platform accessible anywhere in the world. The purpose of this system is to enable easy and effective management of Actions, Tasks and Assigments. Click here to see a short power point presentation with a video to follow shortly for a brief system explanation.

The Application (or System) does interface management by sending emails in the background to relevant people for notification purpose. Everyone is kept in the loop. The Responsible Person and the CloseOut Manager are always up to speed in term of all the Actions/Tasks/Assignment under their control.

It is a 100% paperless system, accessible from anywhere in the world where internet connection is available.

Minor customisation for the clients can be done or develop a complete new system according to the client's product specifications.

Any company or organisation needs this system or a similar system to manage actions, tasks or assignments.

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It is all about Data and Interface Management.