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Datarizer Holy Bible Concordance Version 2


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Setup File (18.5MB) or Setup Zipfile (14.2MB)

Search the bible effectively by using the Holy Bible Concordance. Up to six bibles can be uploaded to this application.


Datarizer Holy Bible Concordance Version 3

Datarizer Holy Bible concordance Version 3 is more exciting and come with 8 Bibles worth more than 180,000 scriptures. You have an option of using online bibles or download bibles to your computer.

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Datarizer mecryption version 1

Encrypt, transmit and decrypt your messages and files securely through the internet. Prevent anyone including ISP's to intercept your messages and files on the internet.

Encrypt and transmit messages and files from one computer to the other without the use of emails or FTP. Any information (or data) transmitted through the internet can be intercepted unless it is properly encrypted.

Datarizer mecryption is an encryption software application that applies Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 128 bit) to encrypt, transmit, decrypt messages and files. If you need to keep your messages and files private, confidential and secure on internet and on your computer, try Datarizer mecryption version 1. It is simpler than sending an email or text message.

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Datarizer mecryption marks the beginning of the end of email systems as we know it. It is similar to email with encryption, without Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Kelvin Incident Management System (KIMS) version 0

A complete paperless system developed for Kelvin Power Station to investigate incidents. This system could work in any organisation which needs to investigate incidents that are occurring and needs to put measure in place to prevent recurrence.

Corrective Action Management System (CAMS)

Corrective Action Management System (CAMS) or Application enables organisations or campanies to manage the actions, tasks and assignments effective on a global scale. CAMS is a cloud application accessible from anywhere anytime through the internet.

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Datarizer eSignature

Datarizer eSignature is an application that enables electronic PDF documents to be signed securely and shared amongs the signatories and send copies to other relevant members. There is absolutely no need to share signed document by email. Signing, sharing and validating documents for authenticity is all done within the system.

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There is also Datarizer eSignature Gratis, which is a free version.

EPC Defects Management System

EPC Defects Management System is currently used by Morupule B Power Station in Botswana under an EPC contractual arrangement. EPC stands for Engineering Procurement Construction. The purpose of the application is to assist with management of EPC Defects during the Defects Notification Period. It is a multi-user platform that is accessible anywhere across the globe.  

Transactional Balance Sheet System (TBSS)

TBSS is an business application to manage financial business transactions by introducing delegation of authority in the picture. Transparency is improved whilst business fraudulent activities are reduced or eliminated. Reports are in Excel format and also graphical. It is a multi-user platform that is accessible anywhere across the globe.  

Database real time Backup Systems

Database grows in time and traditional backup method do not work any longer. This is when one needs real time automated backup system. This kind of backup system is ready to use without database recovery. If one database server fails, all application connected to this server, should automatically connect to the backup system without any DBA intervening, as the main database server and the backup server are exactly the same at any given point in time on data level.

Creating a .sql dump file as a backup is an old way of backing up Database systems, and it is not real time. Interface-less services run on servers 24/7 doing real time backups as and when the main database or backup database changes. Log file is created when update error occurs for DBA to take action. For instance, when the server is down or database is shut down, backing up fails and writes the failure into log files for the DBA to take action.


Management Advice on Application-Database design during concept phase

Datarizer Inc. provides advice to Management on the importance of application and database good designs before management embarks on that new application. It is important for management to understand the security risks of bad application/database designs. Before Management embarks on a new IT project (New database driven application), they should invest time to understand the security risks. These risks lie dormant in companies until bodies change roles, then it hits as external cyber attack whereas it all originated internally. Look at the following points:-

  • DBA is the weakest link in company databases. Cyber criminals will social engineer the DBA and get access to the company database.
  • DBA practically lives inside the database. Does all the data in the database make sense to the DBA? If YES, you have a big problem.
  • In what format does the application keeps data in the database? plain text, numbers, hash, encrypted?
  • Passwords, credit card numbers and other critical information should never be kept in a database.
  • Proper database design structure enables easy automated backup systems which provides 100% availability in systems.
It is critical for management to take these points into consideration before acquiring that new application or site.
It is not for the CIO only, but for the entire management to understand.


Database Transfer from One Server to another

Datarizer Inc. can transfer Database remotely from one server to the other. Data can also be changed in transit to requirements. The Databases does not have to be the same. Transfer data from MySQL to SQL Server or vice versa. 100,000's or even million records can be moved. Data transfer should be tunnelled in VPN. Should you have a need to move lots of data, contact Datarizer Inc.

It is all about Data and Interface Management