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All Datarizer payments can be done from this page. The payment process remains the same. You will be redirected to a secure payment site ( once you click "PAY NOW" at the bottom. Please ensure that the address bar is green and starts with https://.

  • Datarizer Software payments (once off payments)
  • Monthly Software payments (service payments)

Each software has a unique Registration Number such as:-

  • Account Number - Upon registration you received a system generated number.
  • PSN Number - In the case of Datarizer holy Bible concordance.
  • Any Datarizer Software will make this unique Registration Number available for payment purposes.
  • NB: Use this number as "Your Registration Number or Account Number" when making payments. This will be your reference number. Ensure that this number is typed correctly. It is Case Sensetive.

Complete Item Name as follows:-

  • Type the name of the Software product you are paying for or
  • Type the name of Monthly service you are paying for.

Lastly, type in the Amount you are paying. All amounts in ZAR.

Upon payment completion, you will receive payment confirmation email to the email address you have provided.

If your Software has locked out, it will reset on the next application launch. Contact Datarizer if you need any assistance. If you are ready to pay, please click as indicated below.


It is all about Data and Interface management.