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All Datarizer software products are available as downloads. Software CD's are not available as it is not necessary. Software can be downloaded as many times as required, however, all software copies must be registered on the Datarizer database.

If your computer is stolen or hard drive crashes, download the software again from this website. If your software is registered and you have some unigue number, your details are already available on the Datarizer databases, you have nothing to worry about.

Each and every software copy will have some unique number to identify it. In the case of Holy Bible Concordance, the PSN Number is a unique number for this software. It does not matter whether the software is free or paid for.

Intellectual property rights on GUI and original software design is reserved. Software dismantling and rebuilding prohibited.


Datarizer Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damage which may occur due to any software error on medium distributed by Private people. Users are advised that this above conditions may be subject to change without notice, and should keep in contact for updates.

It is all about Data and Interface management.