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Kelvin Incident Management System (KIMS)

This software application is still operational at Kelvin Power Station (Pty Ltd) in Kempton park. the software was custom made for Kelvin to investigate incident that are occurring and preventive measures needs to be put in place to prevent recurrence.

The application (System) does interface management by sending emails in the background to relevant people as an when major activities are done and/or completed.

It is a 100% paperless system, accessible from anywhere in the world. Your location does not matter. The configuration of the application (system) depends on the client.

The client has a choice of MySQL or Oracle as a database to support the system. On a small scale, Access database can also be used but this is not recommended. This programme is developed using a combination of C languages,, such as C, C++, C# and in some cases Visual Basic is used.

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It is all about Data and Interface management.