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Datarizer Holy Bible Concordance Version 3 (NEW)

Datarizer Holy Bible Concordance Version 3 is more exciting and full of new features.

  1. Contains 8 Bibles worth more than 180,000 scriptures,
    • New King James Version 1611 (NKJ)
    • Amplified Bible
    • New International Version (NIV)
    • New King James Version (NKJV)
    • English Standard Version (ESV)
    • The Message Bible
    • Afrikaans Bible (Die Bybel)
    • The Master Bible
  2. A Master Bible is included worth more than 180,000 scriptures,
  3. Powerful Concept Search methodology
  4. Flawless integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, Web and Email System,
  5. Makes it easy to get access to biblical online material , such as Bibles, Dictionaries, Videos, Bible reading videos, Sermons and many more,
  6. Other Bible References (OBR) is better and improved,
  7. Compile your own Notes and share them,
  8. Get more information on version 3 (PDF)
  9. Watch YouTube Video: General Overview
  10. Watch YouTube Video: Tip 1 - How to Search the Bible
  11. Watch YouTube Video: Tip 2 - How to search using OBR and Master Bible
  12. Watch YouTube Video: Tip 3 - How to Download Bibles and Create Master Bible
  13. More tips coming in future, watch this space or subscribe to these videos

System Requirements

Datarizer Holy Bible Concordance Version 3 is compatible with Windows operating system, running on .NET Framework 4.0 platform. Supported Operating Systems are:-

  1. Windows 8 - Cannot be Guaranteed
  2. Windows 7
  3. Windows Vista
  4. Windows XP
  5. Windows 2000

The .NET Framework 4.0 come pre-loaded on many Windows Operating Systems. If you do not have this framework, a download link will be provided at the bottom of this page.

Processor 1GH
RAM (minimum) 512MB
Disk Space 32bit (minimum) 850MB
Disk Space 64bit (minimum) 2GB


This link will download Datarizer Holy Bible Concordance Version 3 onto your computer. To download proceed to click the download link below. Remember, the bibles are directly downloadable from within the application itself at a click of a button.

Download .NET Framework 4.0

This link will download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 platform to your computer. Do not download this framework without getting a clear message that your device needs it. These .NET Frameworks come preloaded on the Operating system and during OS updates. The chances are 90% your device already have 4.0 or higher, and therefore need not download this Framework.

It is all about Data and Interface management.